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download minimal version

curl -o todo.tar.gz

todo cli is a fast and powerful command line task tracker

this pipeline shares current tasks on my websites

it creates doing.html from todo.txt and uses pandoc to convert the text file to html displaying only tasks with priority (A) using google material design

  stage: deploy
    - sshwww
    - schedules
    - cd todocli
    - ./ listpri a > export.txt
    - pandoc -f markdown -t html5 export.txt -o doing.html
    - ls
    - cat doing.html
    - docker cp doing.html eatthebar:/usr/share/nginx/html/2022/ 

here are some alias shortcuts that allow me to use todo cli in any project

# add to .bash_aliases
alias t='clear && ./todocli/'                                                 
alias d='clear && t listpri a'                                                       
alias snooze='clear && t listpri'                                                    
alias done='clear && cat ./todocli/done.txt'                                         
alias tedit='vim ./todocli/todo.txt'                                                 
alias tall='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "+"'                       
alias tpri='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(A"'                      
alias tprib='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(B"'                     
alias tpric='clear && find . -name "todo.txt" | xargs grep "(C"'                     
alias thelp='clear && ./todocli/ shorthelp'       

change log


added a zipped download with instructions


adding an html template

  • pass the tasks to an environment variable
  • a template engine called cookie uses that variable to insert the tasks into an html template